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I am a 45 yr old woman, very active in martial arts and weight lifting, and for the past 8 months I have had an extreme loss of exercise tolerance. I had my ferritin tested with a result of 20 (which my MD says is normal), but in the past when I was much younger my doc said I may not feel better until it reaches 180 (the higher end). I have a 13.7 (normal) hgb. I began supplementing with iron combined with vitamin C three times/day about 8 weeks ago and I am not noticing any difference in my energy level. Thyroid and vitamin D levels are normal. The martial arts require intense bursts of energy leaving me gasping for air and dizzy, which did not happen a year ago. I eat healthy, drink tons of water and drink alcohol minimally. I do have nights where my sleep is less than adequate, but this has been my norm since I was 18.

Any ideas out there so I can get a return in energy? I am sick and tired of being "sick and tired"!!!!

What type of thyroid test did your dr do? If they just did a TSH test, that might not be telling the whole story. You can search online for info about Low Ferritin and Thyroid problems. I know there are articles there about thyroid issues and low ferritin levels.

Maybe you could try a different type of iron?

I can't see how you could do martial arts with a ferritin level of 20 without getting winded. Whew!

I also read somewhere that taking melatonin at night will help you sleep and can help with thyroid issues. I take the low dose (3 mg) at night.

Hope you're able to find some answers.


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