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First thing you have to know is that each lab in each region has their own "normal range" for each test based on how they are run. So self determining what is on the lower end and what is normal can be difficult. I just had my b-12 run and it is 372- significantly lower than yours, plus my iron is 10 again quite significantly lower than yours.

I was told it would take me 2 years to get me Vitamin D levels from 9 to nomral range of 80 but it only took 9 months. These supplements were suggested by my natopath who also diagnosed me with the gluten intolerence. Gluten intolerence is more and more recognized by GI specialist you dont have to have Celiacs disease ( Allergy) to be symptomatic.. They cause the increase of the populations intolerence to gluten to how we grow and process our grain to yeild bigger crops. I would recommend you find a new doctor, and i suggest an Internal medicice physician if you want to stay with western medicine. I would also interview the receptionist before you make th appontment and ask them if the physician is open to considering eastern medicine practices as well. There are MANY physicians that will consider natuopathic treatments in conjusction to western medicine. Additionally I dont know how old you are or what your family history is but there are other reasons that could be causing your fatigue that your current doctor is failing to explore.

I forgot if you mentioned if you had your thyroid checked... these are also sypmtoms of hypothyroid. ( do you have hair loss, dry skin etc-) Mine was borderline hypo but i had a doctor that put me on thyroid and it helped alot but most of my symptoms were not starting to resolved until i went off the gluten. My iron is still VERY low and my B-12 is low but my IM doctor said i was borederline anemic.. but still very well can be symptomatic and is treating me as such. Additionally had an EKG and found out that I have what is called Sinus Bradacardia- basically my resting heart rate is very low.. can cause fatigue, light headness, dizziness etc.

Have you had a sleep study? Maybe you have sleep apnea. You say you have low blood pressure and that is not necessarily bad.. how low? Allergies are typical culprits for causing Fatigure.. your body nature defense mechanism kicks in to produce natural antihitimines to fend off the allergy. ( as you know antihistimes OTC can cause fatigue) Monitor what you eat, come in contact with etc.. see how you feel afterward. If i eat any gluten, i fall a sleep at my desk or driving my car... it make me very lethargic and i have difficulty concentrating. I had the MILLION dollar work up 3 times in 6 years for these symptoms and i was always given a clean bill of health. It turned out to be gluten. Again find a new doctor and try going off the gluten (completely) see how you feel. Your labs are in the middle of the normal ranges so i think you need to move in a different direction. I know it is frustrating..but you must keep a positive attitude depression can incrase your symptoms, and sorry to say people who dont feel good and are in your situation can suffer from slight depression.( i know first hand) . find what brings you joy in your life and do it often, 30 mintues of sun each day will help too. Remember you have people on this site to understand and can be support for you. Best of luck as you move forward in your search for energy!

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