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I know exactly what your going through. I'm sure a lot here can relate to the way you feel. It's no fun and can be very draining. My first appointment I had my Dr. told me I was depressed too and sent me home with some anti depressants only to call me back the very next day and tell me I was anemic and to come back and get Iron supplements and quit taking the anti depressants.

He believes that a lot of the symptoms I have (like the ones you listed) are related to the anemia and is actually not treating me for depression till we get this under control.

I am not a Dr. but, your ferritin seems kinda low to me? My ferritin is only a 32, my iron is up to a low normal range and my hemoglobin is now in a normal range and my Dr. still has me taking supplements to get my ferritin up more then it is, and I'm higher then you. I know having low ferritin can cause some of the issues that you are having but can that be low blood pressure as well? Maybe you should get a second opinion? Also have you had your B12 checked? I did a lot of research on the B12 too and insisted that my Dr. check my because low B12 can cause some yucky symptoms as well, and lo and behold, I was low on B12.
It helps to get the actual lab results from Dr. on paper. You can tell something by the size of red blood cells-small is iron deficiency, large is B12 or folate deficiency. The size is indicated by MCV being hi (big) or low (small). Also, your white count is a little low and that can be seen in lupus, so if the gluten thing turns out to be not helpful, please ask for a lupus blood test. The lymphocytes can be low in lupus, which will show up on your complete blood count as a %. Lupus can cause severe fatigue, brain fog, anemia, and a host of other symptoms you may wish to review.

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