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Ok, I just got back blood work from the doc. I am quite worried about the results. I see a public health doc for low income families) so I am kind of feeling like a number more than a NAME. I am doing my own research on my symptoms (as I feel I have to diagnose myself with this doc) and need advice as to what might be going on with me. I cannot get into see the doctor to discuss my results until next month.

My symptoms:

Weight loss (lost 180 lbs in 2 years) Although I only eat 1X a day but I get all my calories....????
Rapid heart rate (probably mvp) due to panic disorder
All lymph nodes swollen for about 6 months
Bowel issues (was told I had IBS over 15 years ago).
Overall ILL (you know when you just dont feel right)

My fingernails are WHITE, and my skin (that does not see the sun) is VERY pale. I bruise easily too.

My Red blood cells are LOW
My white cells are normal (dont know why doc has me on antibiotic?)
Alkaline Phosphatase is 33 (about 30 points under range)

She has already checked for the following:
Mono test: Negative
STD's: Negative
Lupus: Negative

I am worried about it being hodgkins or chron's disease..

Where should I go from here? Obviously I will go to doc for appt. But how do you tell if you are lacking B-12, iron, or folic acid?? Does anemia have an underlying cause all the time? Or is it possible to JUST be anemic?

Sorry for all the anemia NEWBIE questions... I am just clueless about this. How do I bring my RBC up so I am not so cold, and my nails will get color again? Any advice would be much appreciated :0)

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