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I don't know a ton about all of this I'm still learning. I started with a ferritin of a 2. Ferritin are your stores. It seems that I have developed anemia due to heavy cycles myself. My Dr. is assuming that it is something that has slowly been developing over time. There is always an underlying cause to the anemia.

If you have fibroids and heavy periods that could very well be what is causing your issues. Until those are taken care of, your going to continue to have problems with anemia. I got my stores (ferritin) up to a 39 and had my cycle, my iron continued to climb (thanks to the iron pill) but my ferritin did drop some, to a 32 after my cycle. My Dr. said this was normal after having a heavy one. So the concern with you would be the same. If you are having a heavy flow and have fibroids, your cycles are most likely going to pull from your stores. Hopefully not a ton because you are on the low end of whatever Dr. your seeing considers "normal". My Dr. is still having me take 2 iron pills a day even with my numbers where they are and I'm higher then you.

I would say you need to find another Dr. or go to a Hematologist that is going to listen to you and care. You have to be your own advocate! Obviously you aren't feeling well, no one knows your body like you do. I have and do continue to fight all the symptoms you have listed and they are NOT fun. My Dr. at first thought I was depressed and then we found out about the anemia and is refusing to treat the depression/anxiety/panic until the anemia is under control to see if that is the root of the problem.

I wish you the best of luck but would say get another opinion. If you are not wanting to do that definitely take a good multi-vitamin and alter your diet to include lots of irony type foods because from what I hear and read and my own experience ferritin takes a while to go up.

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