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I have been tired and run down for quite some time now. About six months ago I started having slight panic attacks and anxiety. Then it progressed into having heart palpitations that got progressively worse. I even noticed the lower part of my eyelids and rims of mu eyes werent pink but were pale white. I went and saw my dr and had Ekgs run and it showed everything was normal but I had a slight arythmeia then the next day they would run another and it was normal. My blood pressure would go up to 122/80 then drop down days later to 117/56 then go up and down again. I told them I thought I may have a slight anemia as I have had really heavy periods for the past year and have had anemia before when I was a teen. They ran my blood and showed normal Thyroid, B12, white count,red count, but my Ferritin level was at 20 and I have a low vitamin D level at 17. Could this be the reasoning for my issues? The vitamin d levels were addressed with 50,000 iu once a week but were too much and caused racing heart and severe panic attacks so they dropped me to 10,000 iu over the counter supplements for 5days each week. But they will not address my ferritin level. I still feel tired, my hair is shedding, and palpitations start up when it is close to my period and during it. I even went to the Obgyn and they found small fibroids but didnt test my iron levels because my GP had done so and said it was normal. What should I do? How do I raise my ferritin levels when dr won't even look at it because it's in range with normal lab readings. I'm aware that a level of 50 is optimal for feeling right and I am far from feeling ok. I'm getting tired of these dr's blowing off what I know is making me ill. The only way I'm getting relief from Palps is by drinking a nutritional shake and taking prenatal vitamins prob due to the increased iron in them.

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