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Hey all, in 2009 I demanded a full blood test to look at iron, B12 liver kidney thyroid etc etc,my dr had previously on 4 occassions sent me home saying i was to healthy looking its nothing.My dr had my results 2 weeks, didnt contact me and my iron stores were 4, I am told that normal is 22 to 220. By the time I tried to walk up to the dr and get the results I had severe exhaustion and breathlessness and had started to worry I had lung cancer or heart problems. I had a heavy period the day after that blood trest was done so it may have been even lower.
She sent me home and instructed me to take iron every day and we retested the iron 3 months later it was 10. 3 months later it was 20. She stupidly told me to stop daily iron and only take it on period days. I had done this for 15yrs before and the iron got to 4.My periods during all this were 2 days of flooding something she told me was ok as long bleeding was stopping after that.
I have since got a new dr. My heamaglobin is always normal, only other low reading was my VitD.
For the past 3 months I have only taken iron during the periods again, the new dr didnt believe I need it everyday now my iron is at 20 even with past history and the fact i have family history of pernicious anemia.And for 2 weeks now I am breathless when I try do anything then tired and need to sit doing nothing.I had chest pain 3 weeks ago and had ECG my BP they were fine and found out I had trigger points all knotted in my left ribcage which I been getting osteopath treatment on, the osteopath reckons the breathlessness is probably the ribs but Ive had 3 treatments the chests alot freer now but still getting breathless. So time to go and restest iron I suppose and does anyone suggest what else I ask to look at in blood while there? I am due for my yearly full blood workup anyway. Last iron store test in March was 20. I am 46, dont drink or smoke and I am a healthy eater just dont have meat often, prefer fish, chicken and vegeis.

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