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[QUOTE=calumuk;5010990]Hi, am wondering if anyone here can help as I have had very little support from my GP on this issue. Last year after feeling very run-down, fautigued, palpitations etc, I had a numer of blood tests done, one of which was my ferritin testing, the result of which was -
Serum ferritin 15.5 (range 15-300) and was dismissed by the GP as 'normal' as it fell just in range!
My Lymphocyte count was LOW 1.2 (range 1.5-4.5) but I dont know if this has any relation to my faitgue or general health?
This year I insisted that i have my ferritin taken again because the faitigue had been awful, no energy at all, and after taking over the counter iron supplements for the last six months my Serum ferritin was up to 20 (range 15-300) and so again GP said it was in the normal range and she said in fact it was 'very good' when i questioned her on this.
Im so confused because ive been told that as a male my ferritin should be at least 80 to be healthy, but because im 'in range' nothing is being done. Would a serum ferritin level of 15.5 or 20 be causing me fatigue and generally feeling ill, or is the GP right that i have nothing to worry about?
I'd be so very grateful if someone could give some advice on the iron levels and what is acceptable, so that I can then talk to my GP without being told that there's nothing to worry about.
Reagards Calum.[/QUOTE]

I'm right there with you all the way to the lymphocyte count. I don't think the low end of normal should ever be acceptable and should be treated. Your teetering way to close to the no no zone! I'm on the low end of normal and my Dr. is still making me take iron daily. Yes having a low count of ferritin can definitely cause you to feel run down and crappy even at those numbers, and I am speaking from experience. My Iron now sits at a 99, and my ferritin is dropping. I started with a 2 went up to a 39 and back down 32 and now a 27, I feel terrible.

Get a second opinion!

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