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[QUOTE=Morse2012;5011739]Hi all! I am new here and so happy to of found this site today.
I need help with lab results. I am most concerned with my Ferritin and Iron levels.

I have been feeling really awful despite being in the best shape of my life with exercising and watching calories. I have had some blood work done and got the results today in the mail but have not heard from my NP yet.

The numbers seem low but I really do not know what will be done if anything. Any advice or input would really be appreciated! :-)

I have had a blood transfusion in the past because of low iron but I am not aware of what those numbers where.

Here are my numbers today. Again thank you so much for any help.

Ferritin @ 4.4
Iron @ 22
Hemoglobin @ 11
MCV @ 74
MCH @ 22.7
MCHC @ 30.7
RDW-SD @ 50.6 H
RDW-CV @ 19.2 H[/QUOTE]

Your numbers are low. Normal for ferritin are between 10-204 and iron are 37-170 (this according to my lab) as others have pointed out here every lab can differ a bit with what their levels of normal are.

I am sure this is why you are feeling crappy at a ferritin of 2 I was barely able to walk up the stairs. As far as treatment goes that depends on your Dr. do you know of the underlying cause for the anemia? I can't say for sure what your Dr. will do but most Dr's will want to find the cause and put you on some iron or send you to a hematologist for iron infusions (depending on the severity) to get these numbers back up.

Your hemoglobin is still in the normal range which is a good thing, it should help you avoid a blood transfusion. What was your hemocrit?

While you are waiting to hear from your Dr. you might as well start eating some iron enriched foods!

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