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I am so confused about my lab results, and if anyone here has experience with the specifics on differentiating deficiency anemia from chronic disease anemia, please help...

I almost began iron and bought floradix(sp?), but now reading online, I'm confused/ scared whether it's clear iron deficiency or disease triggered anemia.

Some sites say ferritin differentiates the two anemias, but my results are borderline:

They say normal/high ferritin says disease anemia, does this mean end of normal range, does it include any normal range(even bottom)?

They say low ferritin expresses true iron deficiency, does this have to be below the bottom of the normal range or can it be normal bottom of range?

Ferritin- 25 (15-292)- NORM
Iron- 44 (35-150)- NORM
Iron Binding- 363 (250-450)- NORM
Transferrin Iron Saturation- 12 (15-50)- LOW
Serum Transferrin- 284 (200-360)

WBC- 7.3 (4-11)
RBC- 4.56 (3.9-5.4)
Hemoglo- 12.8 (11.7-15.5)
Hematocr- 38.8 (35-47)
MCV- 85 (80-100)
MCH- 28.1 (27-33)
MCHC- 33 (31-36)
RDW- 13.1 (<16.4)
Platelets-311 (150-400)

Thank you for reading!

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