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Hi Kidzplaypt!

I know it has been almost 2 years since you have posted this but I found it when I was researching ankle swelling and iron deficiency anemia and it seriously sounded like I wrote it--like everything about your post, verbatim, is me. I am wondering if the iron supplement and creation of new red blood cells took away the pitted edema and ankle/foot swelling. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much!!!!

[QUOTE=kidzplaypt;5019667]Hi, hoping I can get some help with my current "issue". I have bilateral ankle swelling, it's actually pitted edema. I started noticing that by midday my shoes felt tight, By evening very uncomfortable. No pain associated with the edema or discoloration just uncomfortable and really ugly to look at. This pitted edema is now happening almost every day!!!! In the morning when I wake up it's gone...
Some background info on me, I'm 5'2, 115 lbs, bp runs at 110/70, heart rate at around 60. I've had no surgeries and on no meds. I run 4-5X a week, consider myself in pretty good shape.
My GP did a blood work up, no thyriod, kidney issues. No orthopedic issues, like sprains etc, I had an echo and stress test-fine, I had dopplers done to check my veins and arteries in my legs- no blockage no varicose veins. I went to a nephrologist- all my blood work was great. I also went to a allergist, I;m apparently not allergic to"common allergie". I also went to a hemotolgist, who said that I have hemoglobin c trait and my iron levels is >8. Which he said is very low. I am going to take iron supplements now.
I still don't have an answer to my pitted edema...could it be due to my iron deficiency? Should I go and see a function doctor?
I truly believe that pitted edema is a sign of something not working well in my body, I have been told to just wear supportive stocking, not willing to put a bandaid on this issue.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]

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