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[QUOTE=auxano;5021655]I have suffered low iron for years. I never take the pills they give me as they give me awful constipation. I asked my Dr for iron injections, so she prescribed me 5 injections over 5 weeks. I was pretty excited to think I would feel "normal" again (whatever that is...I can't remember what energy is like!)

I got a call from Drs nurse yesterday saying my iron is still low.

Was 9 - now 11 (should be between 10-30)

Ferritin is 12 so low and my saturation level is 18%.

I actually don't understand what the saturation level means, so not sure if that's too bad?

Mr Dr doesn't want to investigate (that was done a few years back) and she puts the low iron down to my heavy periods - which I take pills for to reduce bleeding each month.

I am concerned that I could have all those injections and not have my iron go up...what does that mean? Can I never increase my iron?

Please can someone help me? I'm feeling really down about it all, and feel like there is no hope of getting out of the tiredness.[/QUOTE]

I don't know a whole bunch about iron injections as I just took the pills and they seemed to work for me. My Dr. is relating my low iron to heavy bleeding as well. I have read a lot on these forums and have read some people struggle with injections while others don't. Same with taking pills, they work for some and don't others.

I think that your Dr. needs to investigate having said that iron is a bugger to raise. Ferritin seems to be the hardest and until you get the periods under control you will battle this forever. Anemia is just a symptom of a problem, the problem needs fixed before the anemia will be fixed. So your Dr. not wanting to investigate should be a concern to you.

Anemia put me in a really bad funk. Depression, tired, weak, anxiety, panic the list goes on and on. Once my iron started going up and I didn't start feeling better I knew it was something else, I'm low on B12 then found out I'm low on Vit. D. These might also be good things to have your Dr. check as well.
My ferritin was a 2 so I feel your pain, I'm at a 27 last I checked and I'm still feeling horrible! I have read some people don't even notice a difference till there ferritin gets back up in the 50's. It's a long hard road.

There are also some very smart ladies here who have brought up some really good points on Gluten Intolerance which might be something worth looking into for you, especially if your Dr. isn't going to investigate, which just wouldn't fly with me. You have to take control of your health here. You are the only one that knows you. Also eating habits, eat lots of iron rich foods!

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