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Hello-I'm a 33 y/o female w/ a fairly normal health history. I do have chronic gastritis for which I take protonix 40 mg daily. For about a year I have been feeling really awful. I have had every test know to man and the only thing that is finally showing up are that I have low iron and hgb. My TIBC is high at 600, my HGB is only slightly low at 11.1, My iron level is low at 10, my ferritin is low at 7 and my iron saturation is 3%. My HGB is not that low, therefor can this still be causing me to feel so yucky.

My symptoms are as follows: severe fatigue to the point of exhaustion, cold hands and feet, very pale, terrible headaches, tingling on hands and legs, burning muscles with very little exertion and elevated heartrate with very little exertion, blurry vision on and off, my whole body is achy all the time.

I have had an egd and colonoscopy which Showed no bleeding.

Does this sound like what could be causing my symptoms?? Does it sound like anemia?,?

I appreciate any suggestions/help!!

Oh and one last thing, sometimes I get really shaky like in my hands and legs and I feel dizzy.
You are Iron Deficient Anemic by what you are describing. Your labs are very simular to mine. I recently had my first Iron IV Infusion and Im starting to slowly see a decrease in some of the symptoms. Biggest one gone is my ice cravings.. :}

Over the past year I had 2 doctors kinda blow me off and say to just take some iron suppliments. I couldn't take them and slowly got worse till I hit rock bottom with zero liver iron stores and extreme fatigue, high HR, High BP, etc... I found a new doctor and when she saw my levels freaked and sent me to the GI and Hematologist. Within a week I saw him and was in for the infusion.

I would urge you to not play with this. I tried to brush it off, "oh it will get better", and I let it get way out of hand. Im 30 and feel like Im in my 80's (stamina wise). If your insurance allows schedule an appointment with a Hematologist. If not ask your primary doctor to refer you to one! Over my doctors visits and referrals I wish a year ago when we discovered my levels were this bad I would have went straight to the hematologist. They to me know the best on how bad it is and the best treatment you should take!!

Wanted to add my levels were as follows and considered in the severe range per my Hematologist.. Also to this day Im doing testing (next with OBGYN) to try and find the cause... Like mentioned above something bigger is causing the anemia (blood loss, absorbtion, etc)!!

Iron - 12 (normal range 42-125)
TIBC - 458
%SAT - 3%
Hematocrit - 31
MCH - 23
Ferritin - 4
WBC - 6
RBS - 4

GL and I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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