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Skymama10, I'm sorry you've been dealing with this. What are the docs doing for you? Are you taking iron now? It does sound like potential anemia to me but I'm not a doctor. After your tests, the docs should've told you if you're anemic or not. Have you not had the chance to speak with your doc yet? You should asap so you can begin getting the help you need. Taking iron certainly won't hurt since you are low on it. I'd start taking it right away but ask your doc how much he/she thinks you should take and how many times a day.

I agree with everything Heather said and if you've not had your B12 and D checked, I'd definitely get that done. B12 helps make iron work better in your system. It does for me anyway. I never got the cold feelings like you described, I'm actually always hot, and when my iron is too low I get even hotter for some reason.

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