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Hello-I'm a 33 y/o female w/ a fairly normal health history. I do have chronic gastritis for which I take protonix 40 mg daily. For about a year I have been feeling really awful. I have had every test know to man and the only thing that is finally showing up are that I have low iron and hgb. My TIBC is high at 600, my HGB is only slightly low at 11.1, My iron level is low at 10, my ferritin is low at 7 and my iron saturation is 3%. My HGB is not that low, therefor can this still be causing me to feel so yucky.

My symptoms are as follows: severe fatigue to the point of exhaustion, cold hands and feet, very pale, terrible headaches, tingling on hands and legs, burning muscles with very little exertion and elevated heartrate with very little exertion, blurry vision on and off, my whole body is achy all the time.

I have had an egd and colonoscopy which Showed no bleeding.

Does this sound like what could be causing my symptoms?? Does it sound like anemia?,?

I appreciate any suggestions/help!!

Oh and one last thing, sometimes I get really shaky like in my hands and legs and I feel dizzy.
With iron deficiency anemia your iron, ferritin, and saturation will be low and your uibc will show high. Your hemoglobin can show normal and you can still be anemic and you can still have normal hemoglobin and get the symptoms. What was your hemocrit? To me your numbers are low, low enough to cause the symptoms you are having. I experienced every single one of the ones you listed, I could be freezing cold in the middle of summer. I would say you are most definitely anemic.

I also wanted to add anemia is just a symptom of a larger issue going on, it could even be from having heavy periods over time your body just runs out because it can't keep up.

My vision is sometimes blurry as well. Mostly in the mornings when I first wake up and my eyes feel dry a lot too, dizzy, dry mouth off and on, feeling lopsided, vertigo, tired, the list goes on and on and I think the blame should go to the low ferritin. Have you had your B12 and D levels checked as well? I know being low on B12 can cause some of the same symptoms which I was low on as well.
Skymama10, I'm sorry you've been dealing with this. What are the docs doing for you? Are you taking iron now? It does sound like potential anemia to me but I'm not a doctor. After your tests, the docs should've told you if you're anemic or not. Have you not had the chance to speak with your doc yet? You should asap so you can begin getting the help you need. Taking iron certainly won't hurt since you are low on it. I'd start taking it right away but ask your doc how much he/she thinks you should take and how many times a day.

I agree with everything Heather said and if you've not had your B12 and D checked, I'd definitely get that done. B12 helps make iron work better in your system. It does for me anyway. I never got the cold feelings like you described, I'm actually always hot, and when my iron is too low I get even hotter for some reason.
The anemia could definitely cause fatigue, pallor, cold hands and feet, and dizziness and fast pulse with exertion. The question is, why are you anemic and your iron levels so low? Usually it is caused by diet low in iron, heavy periods or poor absorption. I would wonder if you have an absorptiom problem associated with a gluten intolerance. Less likely, it may be that your red cells are being destroyed by antibodies. I would ask for tests for celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and a retic count and Coombs test to check for destruction. You should be on iron supplement as well, daily, for 3-4 months while the cause is being sought.

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