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Pernicious anemia
Aug 2, 2012
HI I have pernicous anemia and autoimmune gastritis, I am very worried as my current gp thinks because my b12 reading is quite high, I dont need my injections. From my research I think I am one of the people whose gastritis doesnt allow the body to use the b12 and I feel terrible, I know I need another needle. Its been 3 months, and I am breathless, feel churned up in the chest, am soooo very irritable , my mouth feels so dry (more than is normal with my sjorgrens) , sore throat for weeks, fatigued, sore all over. cant remember the name of simple items or people I know, getting confused and not doing my crafts well. I feel so helpless. I just know I need my b12 injection. what kind of specialist deals with pernicious anemia,? hope someone can help me. am worried will get mental and other problems if I am not treated regurlarly with the b12. My father had pernicious anemia and autoimmune gastritis also and before he died ( he had injections about every 6 months) he had dementia, and stomach cancer and was unbearable with irritable behaviour. I do not want to end up like him. please advise me what i can do and if their is any info I can take to my gp to persuade her that perhaps I do need at least every 3 months to have a needle. when I was on monthly I felt amazing and full of beans and very with it. thanks in advance cheers Maree

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