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Ok, so here is the short and simple story....

-low temperature for the past two weeks (95.4-96.5 F) despite healthy eating and drinking patterns and no excessive exercise
-Rapid heart rate upon standing or quick postoral changes. Have felt skippy/jumpy heart feelings, but nothing that has a pattern of is long lasting (more than 10 seconds)
-Cold, cold, cold! Feet and hands will go numb with a drop in temp, but the drop is never correlated with any specific event
-general "run down" feeling
-low-ish heart rate (in the 48-73 bpm range)

[U]more concerning is the tiredness.[/U] I woke up today after getting a full nights sleep and spent the entire day in the house studying for class. I ended up taking a two hour nap by 3pm. I have never fallen into such a deep sleep during the day. I[B] literally could not move and ended up making my arms fall asleep and start tingling because I was sleeping too long on top of them. My breath was heavy and it seemed in the times that I was barley awake that I was struggling for air.[/B]

I know that the symptoms that I have mentioned will fit the bill for either Anemia or a thyroid disorder. Does anyone know if these symptoms better fit one as opposed to the other? Is it necessary to get a blood test asap or can I wait this out a little while longer?


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