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YES! It is possible to have gluten intolerance without celiac disease, and have gluten allergies without it showing up on the standard (IGE) allergy tests. Did you have the antibody testing for celiac disease? In some cases, it only shows up on small bowel follow-through GI xray or scope and biopsy of small intestine, which a gastroenterologist would do. Your symptoms are suggestive of celiac disease, particularly inability to gain weight, anemia and B vitamin deficiencies likely from malabsorption. I would encourage you to see a gastroenterologist for a definitive diagnosis, as I think it will help reinforce for you the need to stay on a strict gluten free diet. This is a difficult diet for most, and it is easy to go off if you aren't really sure you need it. You should not go gluten free before more testing, as that will throw off test results. I would ask to get Vit D level measured, as you are probably deficient in that as well, which can cause osteoporosis from lack of calcium absorption. This is a serious disease, so please go to a specialist for a proper diagnosis and replacement of all vitamins/minerals in which you are deficient.

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