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Anemia and Low B12
Aug 12, 2012
I'm new here. How to know if iron pills are working? I've only been on 2 days and everyone says stools will turn black but mine aren't. Does this mean they are not working? My RBC is normal. My Hemaglobin is 10.5 (n. 10.9-15.6), Hematocrit is 33.6, MCV is 71.2 (n. 80-100), RDW is 20.5 (n. 11.5-14.0). My Ferritin level is 5. My B12 is 159! Started B12 shots - had 2 so far, once a week. My hair has been falling out, I'm tired and crabby and feel exhausted a lot on some days so I can't do anything. Getting EGB done this month. Doctor says she thinks it is food related. I practically lived on cereal for months. I do eat meat but not a lot. I also am 6 months without period - menopausal but, before that had heavy periods for about 2 years. And I thought most of my symptoms were related to menopause. Well, guess that was wrong. So, original question was how to know if iron pills work. Taking 1 tab of ferrous sulfate a day. Also, read somewhere works better if taken on empty stomach but bottle says take with meals. Also, I have had a thyroid problem since my teens - taking synthroid. Thanks.

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