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[QUOTE=Heatherx5;5040194]The B12 would not be the cause. Maybe you just aren't taking enough iron thrown on top of the number your trying to raise (ferritin) is a very hard one and takes months of iron therapy to even go up. Your stools being black are a good sign the iron is working but that does not necessarily mean they aren't working so keep taking them. Are you taking iron under the advice of a Dr. You may not be taking enough.

Do you have or have you been checked for Celiac's disease? What is the cause of your deficiency? If you are going the food route what Scooby gave you is a very good start. Leafy greens, red meats, etc but you still need to find the source of your anemia and get that treated as well, unless you want to continue with this battle.

Try taking your iron on an empty stomach. I personally was eating so much iron between the pill and food and still had such heavy bleeding that it didn't even matter, it's definitely a struggle. Your ferritin is really low and I'm surprised your Dr. doesn't have you on a larger dose. I think that would help you see some results.

Edited to add my B12 was a very easy number to raise and I take my B12 orally with my iron. I went from the 350 area up to almost 900 in about a month and a half.[/QUOTE]

So, are you saying to eat leafy greens with the meat? Does it absorb or block absorption? Say if you eat a steak with swiss chard or spinach (known as iron inhibitors) would you be able to absorb it? That is what I am getting at.
Also, my doctor just said to take an iron pill. Go to the store and get one. Really??? Nothing else. She makes me mad. Like she doesn't know anything. I am going for an upper scope to check for ulcer or bleeding but she seems to think it is nutritional. So, how much iron did your doctor tell you to take. Did she give you a prescription or tell you over the counter one? Seems like everyone says to take more, but I don't want to have toxic side effects either.
Yes you can eat your leafy greens and meat together, I do. The Vitamin C in the leafy greens will also help you absorb the iron :D. Try eliminating caffeine a couple hours before and after you take your iron, it can interfere with the absorption the most. Cook in cast iron. If you can tolerate it liver is the best source for iron.

My Dr. has me on 240 mgs a day. My pills are prescribed they have 120 mgs per pill, they are called Integra. I started with a Ferritin of a 2 and I have been taking it for over 3 months. I dropped my dose to 1 a day a while ago and my ferritin has really taken a dive. I really doubt I am getting any better till I get my heavy cycles under control I went from a 2 to a 36 and then down to a 19. I had my OB appointment yesterday and she basically told me to throw in some B complex, so I'm gonna give that a shot and see if that helps.

I doubt with your ferritin that low you would have any toxic side effects anytime soon but I totally understand where you are coming from! I do understand what your saying about the spinach, replace the spinach with something else maybe some swiss chard or broccoli. Maybe you could even just skip out on this as a source of iron and just stick with meat and beans?

When in doubt you could always try asking your Dr, the pharmacist, or even a dietitian.

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