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I would be fine if I didn't feel so out of it all the time. Dizzy and lately vomitty. I can't watch cars drive down the road it makes me feel off? We had at train in front of us the other day, as I watched it go by my eyes felt like they were going out of wack and my head just felt so light.

I am glad that yours are being covered but would definitely look even online for somewhere that does labs for a decent price. Vitamin D is well worth getting checked, mine was low and is still low even though I'm hanging out in the sun and taking D. Winter is right around the corner too. I really don't think I'm taking enough. I wish there was just 1 Dr. that could treat everything, would make things so simple and less confusing!

I have been contemplating taking with food just because I noticed an hour after taking my iron pills I'm getting sick and it lasts for a while into the evening sometimes. Does this happen with you? My Dr. also told me that drinking caffeine with iron can reduce it's absorption by 80%!! I still haven't been eating right, it's so hard to eat right when all you want to do is vomit. It's a blah day for sure!

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