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[QUOTE=Heatherx5;5044590]Try and stay calm momma. This is pretty low and low ferritin can cause a lot of symptoms, especially tired. If you already know the cause and the Dr. has her on Iron then you are a step ahead. Most of the time the cause of low iron in kids is them not getting enough iron in their diets. A ferritin of 12 is pretty low but these are just her stores, what was her iron serum? My ferritin was a 2 if that helps you out at all. Wonder what her hemoglobin and hemocrit were? Ferritin takes a while to go back up with the oral route, but if she is taking meds then I wouldn't think hers will not drop much more and should climb now.

I am sure she will be fine just have her keep taking her meds and give her lots of iron enriched foods, I personally suggest cereals that have irons as well as the B's and folic acid. Red meats etc, I'm sure you know the drill. I am sure you will see her iron/ferritin get right back up there.

I also wanted to add, as a mom. I feel for you but if your daughters Dr. thought for one second she was in any serious danger you would probably be siting in a hospital with her. Try not to worry so much, and keep us posted what you find out![/QUOTE]

Hi, thanks for your kind words,

her hb is 11.1 and haematocrit is 0.324 (norm 0.34-0.40)
they dont know the cause of her anemia, i am assuming thats why her consultant wants her in for more tests.

she has just woken up after a 12 hour nights sleep and is laid rubbing her eye complaining she is tired :( horrible to see, she should be running riot at that age! lol

also, her lymphocyte count is down to 2.8, norm is 6.0-9.0 :/ i know this is to do with her immune

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