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/wave same here. My Dr. didn't tell me about this my OB actually pointed this out to me at my last visit a week ago. My folate is low as well and hey guess what I didn't feel better either after my B12 went up. She told me to get rid of the sublinguals and take a Super B Complex and she also said that the B Complex will help out with my Ferritin so I'm actually starting those in the morning. :D

How did your iron numbers turn out? Been wondering :D. Did you ever get your D levels checked? One of my pharmacists today told me they don't check Vitamin D with blood tests, I just facepalmed.

I hope someone answers this!
Hi flyingaimlessly, wow that is quite an improvement on your B12! My folate is on the lower end of the spectrum, but not too low, and my B12 was too until I started taking B12 daily. I don't take folic acid but I do eat foods rich in folic acid as well as iron rich foods combined with vitamin C foods, and iron supplements. My iron stays pretty low no matter what I do and docs still haven't figured out why, just got referred to a hematologist finally so maybe I'll get answers soon.

I also have neuropathy and neurological issues so I don't know that even if the B12, iron, and nutritious food was helping I would even know if it [I]felt[/I] like it helped due to the way my neurological issues make me feel. All I do know is that I can definitely tell if I've missed an iron pill, or didn't have iron packed meals, because my energy will be way down and my vision will be off and my head will be extra foggy that day.
Oh I did get my D checked and I'm low as well but my Dr. is not treating it nearly as aggressively as yours. Also found out that I am fibroid free, all my internal and external paps came back fine but they will still go forward with the ablation, to slow/stop the bleeding. I still continue to be dizzy. Went to the ENT and he gave me tons of antibiotics as well as sprays, if it doesn't stop he wants to do the nose/brain scans. I just want to get my ferritin up up up and see if it all goes away! Now I get to stress that I have a brain tumor.

That I was wondering about too, laying off the B12. My super B has that as well as vitamin C, and so does my iron.

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