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My blood tests over the past 3 years have shown low-to-borderline RBC (4 - 4.2), normal MCV (93-96), and borderline-to-high MCH (32-33). Is there a kind of anemia that could cause this?

My latest blood tests however show this:

July 9th 2012: (pre-surgery)
RBC - 4.20 (normal: 4.2-5.2) NORMAL
MCH - 33 (normal: 27-31) HIGH
MCV - 93.8 (normal: 82 - 100) NORMAL
Ferritin - 10.9 (normal: 11.0-306.0) LOW
Iron Level - 46.5 (normal: 11-29) HIGH
UIBC - 33 (normal 26-52) NORMAL
Iron Binding Capacity - 79.5 (normal 43.8-67.0) HIGH
Iron Saturation - 0.58 (normal 0.21-0.42) HIGH

August 15 2012: (3 weeks post-surgery)
RBC - 4.02 (normal: 4.2 - 5.4) LOW
MCH - 32.6 (normal: 27 - 31) HIGH
MCV - 95 (normal 81 - 99) NORMAL
Ferretin - 8 (normal: 20 - 360) LOW
Iron - 10 (normal 9 - 31) NORMAL
Transferrin - 3.72 (normal: 2.13 -3.6) HIGH
Transferrin saturation - 11% (normal 20 - 55%) LOW

I had a laparoscopic surgey for endometriosis July 26th and still feel just as tired now (5 weeks post opt) as I did after the surgery. I used to have heavy periods but as of november 2011 I've been on continuous birth control, so no more periods.

Since Dec 2011 I have been fighting chronic gastritis. I likely had a viral infection. 9 months later I still have stomach pains, bloating, and fatigue unlike anything Ive ever experienced and I am so fed up!

Do my blood results look like a type of anemia or are they not significant? I can't find any info about an anemia that matches these results!
[QUOTE=viennah;5048763]The numbers I posted are correct, they are in umol/L. I'm realizing most labs use mcg/dl or other units of measurment, sorry I do not know the conversion!

I spoke with my doctor. Turns out I am fructose intolerant! That was a huge surprise. He didn't think my RBC or MCH levels were significnt. But he did say I was iron deficient and prescibed Euro-Fer (300mg/day). He believes I may have been deficient for a while and blood loss during surgery might have made it worst. He also prescribed an antiacid for the gastritis and acid reflux. So it looks like I am having an autoimmune response or developed gastric IBS after an infection that has since cleared up, causing chronic gastritis. Fructose intolerance is likely making my bloating and stomach pains worse, and the iron deficiency is making me even more fatigued. That seems to be the best answer so far, just an unfortunate combination of things :(

How long does it take to get ferretin levels back up?[/QUOTE]

Kk, I read that when I first woke up and didn't see any of the conversion stuff and was wondering. I can't read anyways.:) I guess I'm just used to seeing them in the other way.

Anyways! Glad you got some answers. I was wondering myself! :D Ferritin with just oral iron therapy seems to take forever to go up. Mine was a 2 to start and I'm at a 19 now. I got in for more labs on Tuesday hoping for at least close to a 30, but I haven't got the underlying cause of my anemia treated yet so I'm not getting my hopes up to much. I have been taking iron for 4 months now. I wouldn't expect that number to just jump right up there, wish I could tell you otherwise :(.

Hopefully you start to notice a difference quickly!

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