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I wonder if every single one of those Dr's has ever felt what we feel. I was living a perfectly normal life up to this anemia. After things are just horrible, headaches, dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, tired, sick, tired, lets not even talk about panic and depression!. The nurse practitioner knows what she's talking about. My heart goes out to your daughter because I honestly don't know how she is going to make it either. Sometimes I can't even get through the grocery store, I can't even imagine a school day.

If the Dr's aren't prescribing her anything for her iron I would suggest maybe a multi-vitamin. Have her take it with a big glass of OJ. Find some foods that she likes that are high in iron, cook in cast iron pans.

While your doing that find a good hematologist (I say hematologist because they specialize with this) or a Dr. that is going to take this a little more serious. There is a cause and something is causing her numbers to go low. Does she have heavy periods (if she does have a period). Could she have Celiac's (gluten intolerance). Etc. Most of the things that cause anemia are easily treated, it just takes a long time to get numbers to go back up and I really would hate to see them allow her to slip below the "low but ok" lines because they don't want to investigate further.

Also did you get her vitamin b12 and D levels checked? If not, do. Seems a lot of people that have anemia are low on these as well. Might be worth it just to check, they both have some yucky symptoms as well.

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