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The Dr's that are saying ferritin alone isn't enough to cause her symtpoms I believe are wrong. As someone that suffers from iron d. anemia I can tell you ferritin alone is enough to cause you to be sick. I can tell you her ferritin is just to low. She's in normal ranges yes, but when your a 17 and your number could be all the way up in the 200's, your low. Some people don't report feeling optimal till their ferritin even touches the 50's. Her crit and globin are also a little bit below normal, which can signal the beginning of iron d. anemia as well.

What do the Dr's plan on doing wait till she gets lower before they treat it? Obviously something is going on here and you need to take her health in your hands and find a Dr. that will take care of it or take care of it yourself. Ferritin is a very hard number to raise and can take months, depending on what is causing hers to be low.

Sorry but I disagree with the Dr's and can sympathize with your daughter. I'm sure she doesn't feel well at all. :(

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