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Last night I went to the ER cause my heart was pounding against my ribs when I stood up, and later I had chills and shakes and was extremely nervous. I didn't know what was happening to me, I thought I was dying or having a heart attack or something.

Hours later I found out I have anemia. They said I had a hemoglobin count of 9. Dr said to get iron pills and eat lots of green vegetables and red meat and vitamin C. The symptoms were scaring me so much I didn't really sleep until I felt better. I got the iron pills and took 3 between 7am and 5pm. (Dr said I needed 3 per day). But they don't seem to be helping my symptoms at all.

I am really scared because of the rapid heart beating and chest tightness and shortness of breath. I think I must have had some symptoms for many many years, because I have always had abysmally low energy and felt like exercise was torture, and I have always got short of breath easily.

But these new symptoms are scaring me. It's why I ended up in the ER and how I discovered I was anemic. My heart beats too fast when I start to exercise, I get winded just from climbing stairs to my apartment, and my mental state is very poor, I'm very anxious and nervous. I started taking my iron today, is it normal to feel this way? I'm afraid of fainting though it has not happened yet. Has anyone on this board fainted before? What is the lowest hemo count here? Am I just being a baby and my symptoms aren't so bad?

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