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There are different kinds of anemia, and lack of iron is only one kind. You could have B12 deficiency as mentioned previously or folic acid deficiency. Folic acid can be checked in blood as well as B12. One clue on your blood count is the size of the red cells, labeled MCV. If low, usually iron deficiency, if high B12 or folate deficiency and if normal, anemia of chronic disease is likely. That can be related to the RA you have, or any chronic disease, especially kidney disease. Hb of 10 is pretty low, and if it turns out to be chronic disease related, a drug called epogen can be given to stimulate your bone marrow to produce more red cells. It is also essential to look at any meds you are taking to see if any cause aplastic anemia, meaning the drug is suppressing your bone marrow. It would help to look at your CBC and find the MCV reading to get a clue as to cause. Celiac disease causes iron deficiency and many vitamin deficiencies and is a good thing to check for. Blood tests for antibodies related to celiac disease can be done at same time as the others.

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