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My ferritin level got down to 5. The docs usually go more by your hemoglobin level. They used to treat people for anemia when that number entered single digits (9). Now they don't treat until it gets to 7 or 8. They will still tell you to take iron supplements, but not IV iron. It doesn't take long to bring the hemoglobin up, but it can take months to bring the ferritin level up. I have been told that the ferritin level does not affect how you feel. If that is true, why do so many of us complain about severe fatigue? The new normal range for ferritin is 50, but the goal is to be higher than that. I used to donate blood all the time, but I think that helped drive my iron stores (ferritin) down. Heavy bleeding is what usually causes this problem. Women with heavy menstral cycles are prime candidates. Stay with the iron, because you are in it for the long haul.

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