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[QUOTE=ajpa;5053567]I hear ya about being sick of it. I don't even want to think about how long I've been dealing with anemai (hint, it's when I joined this board).
Last year I was finally at the "norma"l levels and then I slacked off iron for a few months and now I am back to hemoglobin 9.1 and ferritin 4. Sheesh. So exhausted.

But anyway, a gain of 3 points in ferritin in just a month is definitely a good sign, actually. That sucker takes a while to get up if your hemoglobin is still low. Keep taking the iron and the vit C & D. Specially if your period is that long - wow.[/QUOTE]

I love my Dr. don't get me wrong but when I got to him (for an emergency visit) on day 13 of my period and he tries to look at me and say it's normal, I just want to reach out and slap him. Then to look at my charts and see that the reason for my visit was anxiety and depression, well that is just fantastic. If he's going to diagnose me for these things, he needs to drug me. I'm so fed up. Hello Dr, 13 day periods aren't normal I'm bleeding so much my body is never going to catch up.

So I read today that ferritin goes up much faster if your hemoglobin is in order, which mine is. I'm not going to get my hopes up but I'm ready to be well. I think my anemia started a long time before I got diagnosed. I went through a year straight ice pica and started treating the anemia about 4 months ago, boy you aren't kidding it takes a while. It just gets so tiring, there aren't enough good days!

I slacked off the iron a bit too, on mistake I won't be making again either. I am sorry to hear that yours is back down. I seriously can not stress enough, I would NOT wish this on my worst enemy!

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