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Hi all,
Around mid July, I noticed a numb patch on my left calf. I thought nothing of it. I was born at 27 weeks and had necrotizing endocolitis and an illiostomy. Then after about a week I started experiencing a buzzing in my right foot, and tingling crawling sensation all up my legs, which continued in my legs and also went to my arms, and hands. I was also having headaches. I have had dizziness and vertigo issues my whole life as well. Now the tingling is in my face and scalp. I am also super weak and get tired climbing the stairs and am shaking even when lying still. I also am having random muscle twitches. Ever since this started I have had no appetite and lost 10 pounds. I was diagnosed with depression at 10, and am now 23 and have been on anti-depressants of various kinds since then. Along with all the tiredness and weakness and numb and tingling sensations I have also developed white spots on the outside of my arms and on my legs and have a tingling on the tip of my tounge and a sore tounge, ringing in my ears, TMJ and shooting pain in the palms of my hands, and trouble walking and feeling like I am leaning to one side. I started reading up on B12 becuase I originally thought it was MS. Since I had my illium removed as a baby due to being a premie, I have read that my body cannot absorb B12. I also haven't eaten red meat in about 5 years since I am mostly vegetarian. When I discovered there was such as thing as B12 deficincy I had my levels tested and they were 317, and my serum MMA was 154. I just moved from NYC to Raleigh North Carolina, and the doctor I was seeing here said the levels were normal. I finally convinced her to give me a shot of B12, which she said she can only give me once a month, since the insurance company doesn't have a formal diagnosis. The only shot the office has is cyanocobalamine. I have also been to a neurologist( who was a terrible neurologist and I will have to find a new one) who wants to give me an MRI for MS. I was just wondering what I can do to convince these doctors that 317 is not a good level, especially with my medical history. Does anyone have any idea with my symptoms and level how many shots I should really be getting to alleviate my symptoms? Also is there a specific type of doctor that would know more about B12 deficiency than a regular GP? If my symptoms have only been going on for 2 months, is the neurological damage reversible, and at what point does it become not reversible? The doctor I am going to has never heard of methylcoalamine shots. I have however ordered the methycobalamine sublinguals.
This board has been so helpful in just reading posts, I figured it was time to post.
Thanks in advance.

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