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[QUOTE=Heatherx5;5056394]I have the same exact thing happen. I actually went to an ENT and he told me that it could be several things. The iron being one of them and that I need to get the iron corrected and see if it goes away. Mine usually happens when I'm laying down or bending over, I also get a pressury feeling in my head like my brain can't breath or isn't getting the oxygen it needs and it throbs for a few seconds. I am praying it's just the iron.[/QUOTE]

Really? I thought it was just pulsatile tinnitus :c. I'm also anemic ( iron-deficiency ) Wait..if the sound goes away, does that mean you've had enough iron?
I'm confused....I heard the whooshing sound in my right ear a month ago for two days at night only. I haven't heard it for a while. I thought it had something to do with my ear or blood vessels. Reading things online have made me more anxious. -.- If it is just anemia, then I feel a bit relieved.

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