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B12 Deficiency?
Sep 14, 2012
Ok where do I start? about 1998 when I started developing Vitiligo I suppose. I didn't really understand why I had it and other than it marring my complexion, I didn't think much of it...I went to the dermatologist,who ordered blood tests but I didn't have insurance and I decided not to get the bloodwork done.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I noticed a decline in my memory and my ability to speak at length on a subject without stopping mid sentence to recall what I was saying. I chocked it up to age.

Fast forward to last year when I started having what I can only describe as "brain fog" went as quickly as it came so I chocked it up to not enough sleep, which I've also suffered from for awhile and I've overlooked..also in the later part of last year I started experiencing palpitations which scared me but also went away before long...I blamed being overweight for that symptom...I also developed an aversion to soda amongst other things as it made me have horrible gastro problems like excessive horrible burping and vomiting...I've stopped drinking it and it has alleviated that problem....

Finally fast forward to last month, where on a Sunday night after having what I've learned is a panic attack, I awoke to brain fog like I've never had before...I was also slightly dizzy and felt had I closed my eyes, I could've fallen...such was my mental state...then over the next couple of days started the palpitations again, the eye pain, the tingling in my extremities, im freezing all the time and ive lost my appetite...this as been everyday for the past month...the palpitations come and go as does the tingling, the brain fog and eye pain are constant although sometimes I have god days were its not so severe and sometimes I have bad days where I feel so tired and foggy and can barely manage to function...I had another panic attack 2 weeks ago and the next day awoke feeling horrible again...I started getting numbness ad tingling in the lower half of my face (under nose to my chin) and in both arms from forearm down so I rushed to the hospital even though I have no insurance only to be diagnosed with parastesthia....I had a basic blood and urine test and nothing was found so I was sent home....I still felt terrible though....i put my symptoms into google and up popped b12 deficiency so I've been reading everything I can find on it...I also found out my grandfather had it and my sister has it....So I made an appt with a GP and went to see him this past wednesday...I expected some resistance and apathy from him but I was still shocked at his lack of knowledge....He insisted that I couldn't have b12 deficiency because my hemoglobin was fine...basically telling me I wasn't anemic so I couldn't have it...I insisted on the uMMA test and he said MethylMalonic acid test? What for? So I told him that if I were truly deficient that my mma levels would be high...he seemed skeptical and said he would see what he could do for me and excused himself from the exam room for a minute...I can only assume to check to see if what I was saying was true or not...he came back and said he would order the uMMA to satisfy me because apparently it wasn't "total quackery and there was some validity to what I told him" I sat there fuming but feeling like I had gotten what I needed so I let it go...He told me that I would need to pay out of pocket for these tests since I don't have insurance and I said ok, thanked him and left....unfortunately I found out the uMMA is 240$ and the Serum B12 is 41$ so I'll be taking the serum b12 and hoping my levels are low enough to get him to prescribe me the shots...I just want to feel normal again :(

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