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Re: B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
Ya my Dr. is telling me I'm OCD and bi-polar with anxiety now. I laugh, well I wasn't before. I guarantee without a doubt anemia and even low b12 cause some major major psychological issues. I won't even listen to anyone that tries to tell me otherwise.

I will give you a rundown on me, fast one. I was blacking out. Went to the Dr. he said your just depressed. Did labs and threw anti-depressants at me. Called me back the very next day said your anemic stop taking those pills come get iron. I did. I came home and informed myself, because my Dr. wasn't hugely informative. He did say since my periods were heavy ( I have golf ball sized clots) that I probably had fibroids or something and I needed to see an OB. I come home Dr. Google for days, find out about b12, go back and demand a test for b12 and D. They both come back low (I'm all for self advocating, you have to do it for yourself no one else will, sometimes Dr.'s are wrong). Go to the OB, guess what no fibroids, I'm clean as a whistle. Get my thyroid checked it's fine. Dizzy off balance nose issues from hell. Go to the ENT, find out I have a deviated septum, and tons of other issues but no allergies, surgery is next Friday to correct them. Get referred to a neurologist for my dizzy off balance and vision issues (keep seeing dots and have flickering) that appointment is next week also next week and appointment with the vision Dr. to make sure nothing is detaching.

I have been anemic for 4 months taking boat loads of iron and my numbers are just fighting to go up. I have an OB appointment on the 25th for a pre-meeting on getting a uterine ablation to stop the bleeding. On top of that I have 2 back surgeries coming up. The first is the 18, 3 days before the nose surgery. I'm sure this all going to help my anemia :D . Plus a heavy period on the way, my last was 2 weeks. Like I said, everything just hit me at once. It's like you get one problem and bring on the problems.

I think I also developed some hypocondria..(sp?) I feel like I'm slowly dying. I'm so tired and ill feeling all the time. I just want to be me again :(.

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