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Re: Iron thru IV
Sep 24, 2012
I had my first visit to a hematologist today where he immediately ordered me to have an iron infusion through IV (first of three infusion therapy treatments scheduled for the next three weeks).

My former primary doctor diagnosed me with thalassemia (mediteranean anemia) in 1998 and put me on iron supplements and a stool softener. It honestly did nothing for my iron levels and just caused more gastro problems than anything.

I decided to get more bloodwork with my new primary doctor in pursuit of seeing a hematologist to verify if I do have thalassemia and if so, what type/severity? If not - then figure out why my iron and hemoglobin levels are so low and how to treat it. The hematologist said my iron levels are rock bottom - one level is 2 (normal range is 11-350) and the other level is 4 (normal range is 20-100). I can't remember what the levels represent - but i think it's iron and hemaglobin.

What are the side effects of getting iron infusions??
Re: Iron thru IV
Sep 24, 2012
If you have thalasseima then why are you taking iron supplements? That is a huge no if you have thal because you can have iron build up and might need iron chelation therapy, or cause irreparable damage to your organs. Also, with thal, it affects the oxygen level in your blood so of course your hemoglobin is going to be low. It is genetic! I suggest you do some more research on thalassemia to understand what it is and what you need to do to manage it. You can't cure it but you can manage it. Folic acid, b12 and wheat grass are great supplements to take if you have thal.

The side effects that I had with my iron ivs were bone pain, sore muscles, and dark urine as not all of the iron is absorbed.

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