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[QUOTE=end0lies;5060673]So for as long as i can remember i feel awful which has ruined my life for 10 years... i have low body temperature e.g. ice cold hands and feet. i have terrible air hunger and cannot exercise, my skin is pale and my skin is dry, i have anxiety and terrible fatigue.

I had my thyroid tested and for a couple of years i was totally fixated on it being a thyroid issue but my thyroid tested perfect and so it defitnetly not my thyroid.

The only other thing i can thing of is iron ? but i eat meat in my diet and dont think i have absorbtion issues?

can 43 ugl ferritin in a male 22 years old cause symptoms that im having.

everything on blood tests is fine. i really dont know whats wrong with me. i have had to put my life on hold for so many years and cannot leave home till i can sort this out.[/QUOTE]

Did you have any of your other numbers handy? What was your iron serum count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, iron absorption?

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