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I had been anemic all my life (I'm 31 now), red meat, oat, green veggies, etc, don't help me to fight the anemia. I haven't had any blood transfusion, but on several blood test I had saw my hemoglobin in the range 6 and 9 . I have 2 years now that I don't suffer from my entire life anemia, my solution is keep myself on permanent daily basis black molasses (I drink 2 spoon of it everyday in the morning) so, on the last 2 years my hemoglobin is between 13-15 instead of my all entire life 6-9.

Iron pills alone without B12 and vitamin C doesn't work, since the body need vitamin C and B12 to absorb iron otherwise your iron on blood will keep low. I have heard that people who have had any gastro surgery loose the capacity to absorb vitamin B12 for life (but I cannot confirm this, ask your doc to get better answers), so those people need to take vitamin B12 and iron for life. Vitamin B12 is found on red meat (suppodsely human body absord vitamin B12 from animal source more than from other sources) and iron pills should be taken with empty stomach, since it has better chances to be absorbed in your body when vitamin B12 comes next.

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