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[QUOTE=Leegh;5063685]When an individual has anemia are they tired all of the time (waking up tired), or tired some of the time, or tired all of the time? I realize fatique is the hallmark sign of anemia, but what is the difference between a person who has anemia and a person who does not have anemia as far as their energy level is concerned? Don't people who do not have anemia get tired as well, or with them is it just that they get tired at the end of the day? Thanks for any information on this subject.[/QUOTE]

Honestly I think it totally varies per individual. I have seen some people with iron/ferritin levels very low say they feel great and me have higher and still feel terrible. Of course people that aren't low on iron still get fatigued and tired as well. I think people with lower iron/ferritin tend to just suffer it all day everyday with no let up, or more of it. Most normal people don't get tired from just walking up the stairs, most people with anemia do. Taking a shower and putting on cloths makes me tired sometimes, my arms ache and feel like their falling off. The list goes on and on.

Our bodies are starving for oxygen, it makes us tired faster. Normal people who are just tired aren't suffering from lack of oxygen to major organs in their bodies. Maybe it's a different fatigue of sorts.

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