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Endoscopy and colonoscopy is the most common to test for internal bleeding.

Slow FE probably had no effect on you because it's time released and people with IBS often have absorption issues. I've had gastric bypass, I know all about those! I had IBS really, really bad before I had surgery. It basically cured it. Of course the surgery has issues of its own.

Ferrous this and that are all ferric salts. 88% of the pill is just that -- salts. The rest is the actual elemental iron and the only part that actually does anything. The salts are what messes you up so bad. Carbonyl iron is just the elemental iron, nothing else. If it says 25mg on it, it means 25mg of elemental iron, period. Ferric salts ravage the GI tract of a gastric bypass patient AND we don't absorb it anyway... they do no favors to everyone else, either! So my choice was obvious. You can order it on the internet or get it from a CVS store. Sundown makes it and it's called Perfect Iron.

You probably want to start with at least 50-100mg. I take 300mg no problem. Some people have taken 600mg. In studies, anemic participants have taken 1000mg a day for 12 weeks with no adverse effects. It's very non-toxic for iron. I've had no constipation or anything from taking carbonyl. I worked up to 300mg a day, split into 2 doses, over the course of 6 weeks. I have a very sensitive stomach and wanted to make it as gentle as possible on myself. I take it with 1,000 mg of vitamin C at each dose (the proper ratio) and an hour or two away from coffee, tea, caffiene, dairy, calcium, wheat or eggs and my other vitamins except copper. Everything interferes with non-heme iron. Which carbonyl is, and so is the ferric salts.

Proferrin is another animal entirely. It's a heme iron, which is just like the kind we get from red meat. It's much better absorbed than anything else. One pill has 12mg of elemental heme iron. That's the equivalent of 10 small steaks. It boosts your hemoglobin quick and it has zero side effects. Zero.

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