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I've been seeing a gastroenterologist and a hematologist. The gastroenterologist prescribed iron supplements for my iron deficency. Today I saw the hematologist, and he believes the amount prescribed by the gastroenterologist is too low. He told me I needed to double the dosage and take two pills a day.

Now I'm wondering if he meant taking them twice a day, like one in the morning and a second one at night, or if I should take both pills at once.

Does it make a difference? Which would be most effective?
I would take one twice a day for 2 reasons. One is that iron upsets the stomach of some people and I think you'll get more complete absorption if it is split up. Calcium taken at the same time as iron will reduce the iron absorption, so separate the two if you take calcium by one hour. Taking the iron with food will reduce chance of upset stomach.

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