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[QUOTE=Mom to four;5072050]Hi everyone,

I am a very active 41 year old. Have been feeling tired for around a year and a half, with increasing headaches, dizziness, hairloss, and joint pain in last year. Initially I thought it was 'normal' since I have 4 children (youngest was newborn when first started noticing tiredness) and just did cross country move to FL! In March, I decided to tackle the sx and visited a local MD. He did bloodwork and levels were

Hemoglobin 11.5
Haemocrit 36.9
Iron serum 36
Iron saturation 10
Ferritin 8
The Dr said it was low iron but not anemia and shouldn't result in any sx. He said hairloss is postpartum, dizziness caused by possible inner ear imbalance and joint pain is possible early arthritis. Rx was to take OTC 325mg iron/day.

Vitamin D 20 (DX as deficiency and treated with OTC supplements)

In June tests were repeated
Hemoglobin 12.9
Haemocrit 38.9
Iron serum 26
Iron saturation 9
Ferritin 29

Vitamin D up to low normal of 36.
MD again said none of my Sx are related to low iron. Did Neuro evaluation, EKG and chest X-ray in office and referred out for stress test (which I haven't gone as yet). Why stress test??

[B]Am I crazy in thinking low ferritin might account for all my symptoms?? Do I self refer to a hemotologist who can give me some answers? Or look for new PCP? Feel increasingly dizzy and tired and want to get this taken care of ASAP![/B] NO! (see below)

Thank you for any advice, insight or suggestions you can give me![/QUOTE]

While your ferritin is considered normal it's still in the low range this number can go all the way up to 200, do you think your crazy? I sure don't! I got my ferritin in the 30's and still felt horrible and most people don't even report feeling any better til they are in the 50-70 range. You know how you feel.

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