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This is just speculation but maybe you are hitting the beginning of anemia. If that is the case taking iron is a good idea so I'm glad your on something.

Ferritin for example which is basically your iron stores can be a 12 and be considered normal but it can also be all the way up in the 200's. Ferritin is pretty important and having this be low can cause a slew of symptoms. Most people don't report feeling well till their ferritin is above the 50's some even 70's. I am curious as to what your ferritin level is? Iron saturation? Hematocrit? Have you ever had your B12 and Vitamin D levels checked? Ferritin is a very important number so if you have that number I would love to know what it is! :D

Everything you have said most people I'm sure can relate.

Some symptoms I experience on a day to day basis:
Dry Mouth
Vision Disturbances
Heart Palps
Hard to breath
Brain throbbing
Loss of energy
Stomach Pain
I did have a PICA (chewing ice) but I have been able to keep it at bay for about 5 months, when my first tooth broke I had to be done was very hard to quit! I was going through 6 64 oz cups of ice a day.
Lots of minor aches and pains
and Panic Attacks!
I'm sure I have missed some but you get the idea.

Just wanted to edit to add. I have been taking iron for quite a while now and my hemoglobin and hematocrit are now normal, actually my hematocrit is actually almost to high, I'm close :D and my ferritin and iron as well as sat% are still low. My Dr. says most Dr's would say that I'm fine now that those numbers are normal but he's still calling me anemic.

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