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[QUOTE=drob101;5076255]Hi all,

I am new here and am posting because I just haven't been feeling myself for the last couple of years.

I am male, 37 years of age in the UK. I don't smoke and drink moderately.

I had my B12 levels tested back in October 2011 and it was 405, which was within the normal range (quoted as 260-911) and a comment added saying "Cobalamin deficiency unlikely". I accepted this at the time, but believe myself to be symptomatic of B12 deficiency, or something else that produces similar symptoms (MS?). (fyi, Haemoglobin was 147 (130-180 range) and ferretin was 113 (22-322 range) MCV 87 (77-99)).

The symptoms I have, amongst others, include:
[B]Cracks on both sides of my mouth for about 2 years now[/B], sometimes one side, sometimes the other, sometimes both (prescribed an antifungal/steroid cream which helps, but when I stop using it, the sores return).
[B]Mouth ulcers[/B] - seem to have had a mouth ulcer in my mouth for the last year or so. used to get the odd one, now one goes away and within a day or two I have another.
[B]Eye twitching[/B] - my left lower eyelid in particular seems to twitch a lot, it is very irritating.
[B]Strange feeling of shaking/tremor internally[/B] - although I don't really appear to be actually shaking when I hold out my hand.
[B]Tightness in chest, possibly due to reflux, indigestion?[/B] On and off, currently not realy feeling this symptom, but have on and off over the last two years.
[B]low libido[/B] - enough said really!
[B]Occasional involuntary muscle spasms[/B], in particular in my left thigh

Just the other day I noticed my fingertips tingled when I stretched my arm out to signal turning left and right when I was out cycling.

Bascially I just don't feel myself and haven't done for a little while. I started noticing things during a fairly stressful time toward the end of 2009 and through 2010 (was in process of losing my job and had a very young baby all at the same time as having a house extension built which was very disruptive). The stressful situation has gone away now really but I wonder if the stress back then could have triggered something?

Whilst any one of the symptoms above on its own might not really concern me too much, it is the combination of all of them that has me concerned. What do people think? Given these symptoms, could my apparently normal B12 level of 405 be deceptive and the symptoms I am experiencing be attributable to B12? I believe my diet to be pretty good, usually succeeding in eating my 5 a day, for the last few months anyway (I know B12 is obtained from animal sources, I am not a vegetarino/vegan and would say I consume a "typical" amount of meat for a meat eater).

Another point of note is that my sister has Crohn's disease (I am pretty sure I don't have this given what I saw her go through) and possibly Pernicious Anaemia (they don't know at present if her low B12 is due to PA or a symptom of the Crohn's flare up she had - anyhow, she has B12 shots 3 monthly at present and says they really make a difference to her).

Any thoughts etc really would be gratefully received as sometimes I think I am going mad!

Many thanks,[/QUOTE]

Hi and welcome to the board....those are all symptoms of b12 deficiency yes and at 405 I'd say you were borderline and could definitely be said you were tested before and I'm assuming it was just a b12 serum test which can sometimes be misleading...ask your doctor to test your MethylMalonic acid (urine) and homocysteine (serum I believe)...the MethylMalonic acid test will be high if you are in fact deficient in b12...your homocysteine levels will also be elevated if you're deficient...when I was tested my b12 level was 228 and my doctor still refused to officially diagnose me with b12 deficiency, sometimes doctors are wrong, they are human after all...Remember you are your own best advocate...if this doctor won't, then find another...I hope this has helped you some as I know what's its like to feel terrible and not know why...:/

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