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I have actually never posted on one of these sites either but after reading your post felt I should. I have been anemic (severly) for about 8 years. you need to make sure you go to a hematologist. A regular MD is not really qualified (in my opinion) to deal with this issue. they are not aggressive and don't understand how bad the symptoms are to deal with. Iron pills will take forever for your body to absorb. you need to maybe consider a few things. One is you most likely are b12 deficient and need b12 shots. b12 and iron go hand in hand. Also you should consider doing a series of ferrlicet (not sure of spelling) infusions. basically you get iron in an IV over a series of days or weeks. Most family doctors will not prescribe this. I was diagnosed when my hemoglobin was at a 9 and my ferritin was at 4. I Have all the same symptoms as you and probably a few more. You need to stress that it is fine for them to try and figure out what is causing it but in the mean time they need to treat it aggressively. I remember actually when my twins were only 4 and I couldn't physically get out of bed in the morning. I get restless leg syndrome if my ferritin is under 40, hair loss, dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion (more like ADD where I can't remember what I am talking about mid sentence) and just over all tired and achiness. the worst is the excruciating headaches and leg cramps. I went to several doctors who would do the cbc and say nothing is wrong with me that I have twins and that is why I am tired. keep your chin up and seek a good hematologist. Hope this helps.

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