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Some of you may have seen my many posts on health issues I've been experiencing over the years--anemia, single digit ferritin, fibroids, etc.

I recently had a f/u lab done and my ferritin, instead of going up, dropped alot, so i was wondering if anyone has this happened and maybe could shed some light.

i've been having single digit ferritin for years (that I know of). Had fibroids removed 3.5 yrs ago but ferritin still was single digit. In Feb 2012 I saw a hematologist for the 1st time and he recommended "polysac iron" which he suggested i buy online. As instructed he told me to take 2 and just keep taking them long-term. So for 4 months that 's what i did. 4 months later it went from 7 to 15. Saw him and he said to continue and we'll do a re-draw in 4 months. During the next 4 months I've taken at least 2 on most days. Sometimes i even take 3 or 4. So when I went to get my results I had expected a bigger increase. But was very perplexed (and so was he) that it went from 15 to 9.

We did a stool test to see if there is any GI bleeding 7 months ago and it came back negative. I might have had this test 1.5 yrs ago as well w/ a family MD. he offered to do another stool test but said in the meantime just keep taking the supps.

I can't think of anything that may contribute to this. Why might i not be absorbing? Are any foods i'm eating maybe cancelling them out? i don't really drink milk too much. I only have it occasionally but only 2 ounces or so put into instant coffee b/c i dont like black. i dont really have dairy.

the only thing i can think of is that when i did the lab i was off iron supps for 3 weeks b/c I was out of town and my schedule got crazy. I have been reading alot of the posts here and seems alot of ppl have bought the ferrex 150 online, too. Some mentioned that there is a huge differential on cost buying them online vs at the pharmacy and i think some ppl mentioned that the only diff in the capsules is that at the pharamcy they are so tight that when you pinch them it doesn't really give and the ones we buy online is a little looser. Any thoughts?

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