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My levels were below a one is what the doctor said to me. Not sure how low. My insurance pays all but $66 for each infusion which will be about $1500 out of pocket. I am feeling much better these days but it was not an immediate fix it is a slow gradual one but worth it in the long run. Six more infusions and I should be done. I am eating a lot of baby spinach, potatoes with skin and lean red meat. I cook almost everything in cast iron skillets now. I had a hysterectomy on 12/26/12 so I am hoping that helps as well. My hematologist wanted that fixed and gyno agreed. Are you craving ice or gum? I was going through packs of gum a day and chewing more ice than my machine would make. If I didn't have either of those two things I went into panic mode. After a few doses I noticed I was leveling off and now the desire for both are gone. I can clean my house without being exhausted all day. Walking and climbing a flight of stairs was a nightmare. I thought my asthma and age was getting the best of me. I hope your doctor can get you in soon so you can feel better sooner. Take it easy until you get everything fixed. Low iron can mess everything up. Best wishes!

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