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So, I saw my doctor a year ago because my hair was falling out and it was bad! I have lost about half of the thickness of my hair. He only tested my thyroid because thyroid issues run in my family. The thyroid came out normal so he said it was just stress because I was finishing up college. I finished up college and my hair is still thinning. I have horrible dizzy spells while laying in bed like I drank all night and my back constantly aches and my shins ache likes someone kicked me.
So I went back to a different doctor and she rechecked my tsh and also did a ferritin, cbc,b12 and a chem panel.
Ferritin- 5
B12- 125
I received and B12 shot and have to get a b12 shot once a week for at least a month.
He also prescribed a iron pill and said come back in 3 months and thats it.
I am irritated! My hair used to be long and thick! I am now ditzy and have thin yucky ugly hair! I couldn't even take prenatal pills with the little bit of iron in it, what makes him think I can take single iron pill without barfing?
[B]My question to all of you is, should I skip my GP and go straight to hematologist and request a IV infusion in hopes of getting my iron up faster??[/B]

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