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Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my weird iron levels.

A couple of years ago my hair began shedding after taking a progesterone birth control pill. Long story short, I was referred to a dermatologist who noted that my ferritin level was 42 and that it needed to be around 70 for hair re-growth. He recommended slow release iron in the form of ferrous sulphate 325mg. I took these for 3 months. They were evil to my digestion, but I stuck it out for the 3 months until I saw my GP about infertility and upon checking my iron level saw it was high (36) and told me to stop the iron supplements. However my ferritin had only increased to 47. My hair never grew back. Fast forward two years and i'm pregnant, but my iron is still too high, its 38 and my ferritin is still 47 (I'm not on supplements, just folic acid). Oh, and my hair is shedding again. Looks really scalpy this time like pattern balding.

My first question is how to raise ferritin without overloading iron? Secondly, is an iron level of 38 dangerous?

pls note that I'm unlikley to go on any slow release iron now that i'm pregnant...unless a very convincing doctor tells me to.

EDIT: - not sure if also relevant but i don't drink alcohol, nor milk, coffee or tea. Don't smoke.
My RBC = 3.7 (low), MCH = 34.8 (high), MCHC = 35.4 (high). Vit D, B12 and folate are all normal.

[Yes, I know i should be able to speak to my GP about this stuff, but she doesn't want to know. Just tells me hair loss is a normal part of being pregnant and that i should take a pregnacare type multivitamin (inc. iron) regardless of iron levels. I cannot get back to see the derm I saw previously because it was via an NHS referral and my GP refuses to refer me.]

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