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Just got my blood test results back and I have a bit of anemia, but how bad is it? The doctor didn't tell me to take any supplements; just to come for re-test in 6 months. Here are my out of range results:

Carbon Dioxide - 20, Low (Normal 21-33)
Alkaline Phosphatase - 30, Low (Normal 33-115)
Iron - 92 (Normal 40-175) - this was normal
TIBC - "Unable to report due to possible interfering substances"
Ferritin - 3, Low (Normal 10-154)
Hemoglobin - 11.2, Low (Normal 11.7 - 15.5)
MCV - 79, Low (Normal 80-100)
MCH - 25.1, Low (Normal 27-33)
MCHC - 31.8, Low (Normal 32-36)
Urine - Ketones - 15 (1+) (Normal is Negative)

I am 31yo and this is the first year I came back with anemia results. This blood test was also taken a week before my period, so I don't know why it is so low. Also, I am on Birth Control Pills, so my period isn't heavy at all, though it's regular now at every 28days. How bad is my anemia, and can you tell if it is due to iron deficiency, or B12? Should I be taking a multi-vitamin? I really should have asked my doctor these questions but it was his nurse who called me with the results and mailed me my results.

The funny thing is I don't feel sick. I go to the gym regularly and am not short of breath nor dizzy. I will sometimes feel tired and not up for a workout, but I thought that was just because I go to the gym after work and I'm tired.

Thanks everyone.

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