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Your ferritin alone would warrant a trip to see a hematologist. Some Dr's do seem very nonchalant about these things. I am lucky I have a very good Dr. My hemoblogin/hematocrit are both in very high range after 8 months of taking iron orally and he says as long as the ferritin is low the anemia diagnosis sticks and my OB has told me I will be taking iron for another year. They are guessing heavy periods was the cause of my anemia and I just recently got an ablation to see, was worth a shot and no periods for 2 months so far, I'm not complaining.

Ferritin can cause a huge array of symptoms and it's a number that takes forever to rise. Of course the cause of your anemia needs to be found and fixed or having low iron is something you will struggle with. Hematologist are generally used for iron infusions as a faster route for people that are needing iron and fast. Do you happen to have your hematocrit numbers?

Some people don't feel sick with anemia, not everyone has symptoms but having low iron is not something to fiddle with. Iron is responsible for getting oxygen to our cells, organs, etc. You also don't want to be taking iron w/o a Dr's care so I hope you find someone that is going to help you soon. Sometimes you just have to advocate for yourself because there are a lot of Dr's out there that don't take this serious enough if you ask me!

Ferritin is usually the first thing to go (iron stores) you will start seeing your iron serum drop as well as saturation. Down goes the hemoglobin and hematocrit.

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